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If you've been wondering why all your listings have been gathering dust, please spend a few minutes to read the following.

Dear Carousellers, if you'd like to sell faster and earn more on Carousell, save some good money to buffer ever-increasing prices and get paid for saving the environment, this is for you.

Here's why:

Recently, my friend Derrick passed me a few of his used items and asked if I would be interested to sell them on Carousell.

There were five items, all in decent conditions and looked highly saleable.

Since Derrick, an engineer, had a Carousell account himself, I asked him why he didn't want to do it instead.

He answered with a frown, "I have, they've been listed for two years but there's been no takers."

"I remembered you," Derrick continued, "you seem to do very well on Carousell. So instead of trashing them, I'm giving these items to you."

So I said, "Let me help you. Show me your listings."

Going through his listings, I could see a few areas that could benefit from some tweaks.

I pointed them out to him and then asked him a few simple questions related to his listings, questions that one would assume that everyone knew.

He didn't, and he's been doing it wrongly.

Long story short, he followed my instructions and within one week or so, three out of five items were sold.

Needless to say, Derrick was elated when another item was sold two weeks later.

Before I get into what he did wrongly,

You Might Be Thinking:
"Why Should I Listen to Him?"

Will in Brazil

Hi, I'm Will H. (my pseudo)

Why listen to me? In short, because I've been where Derrick was and understand how it feels to be in that position. The only difference is that I've figured out some tricks to get the sales going. Even though this is not my full-time job, I do this actively as a past-time. Professionally, I have played more than a few roles, including as a market consultant, language teacher, freelance translator cum entrepreneur.
I talk to people, sometimes sellers like myself regularly, from which I see a common trend and know what is needed to improve on the sales.
Last but not least, it is because my own results shows that I know what I'm doing.

That probably triggered another question.

You Might Be Asking Yourself...
"But Why Is He Giving Away His Secrets?"

That part is easy. It is because my objective in selling used stuff online is really not just the cash.

Sure, the pocket changes I have earned weekly from this hobby have helped me in many ways and it makes perfect sense to keep the "secrets" to myself.

But I see something else as more urgent than making pocket changes.

Obviously, I earn some money for every one of this guide I sell too but why go through all the trouble of spending months putting together a 60-page guide?

Yes, you've read it correctly. I've spent many months and hours getting this 60 page guide out.

But that's not all, I've to spend a further 80 or so hours to code this 2,700-word webpage so that I can get the guide into your hands.

The reason is because I want to achieve something far more significant which I'll reveal in a while.

For now, think of what this guide can do for you. For a tiny sum, you can:

As you can see, you can really benefit from this tiny investment because...

It'll Literally Save You Lots of Time and Money!

So, are you ready to find out the real reason why I have spent months putting together a carefully written guide and coding this webpage that you're reading right now?

The Great Reveal

I think it was in 2016, one year after my family returned from a three-year overseas mission trip to Brazil.

It somehow dawned on me that more and more catastrophic global-warming events were being reported in the news.

I mean, that's nothing new actually but this time around it sounded a lot more serious than previous years, a lot more.

Many sources were reporting Earth's climate moving closer to a dangerous threshold and a point of no return.

Both land and sea were posting record temperatures around the world.

"It can't be that serious," some say, "it's all fake news!"

Everyone's entitled to their view and I won't try to convince anyone here.

In 2019, Singapore, the country I reside in, projected a USD75 billion seawall over the next hundred years to combat rapidly rising waters that's invading our shores.

Subsequently, in 2020, the Coastal and Flood Protection Fund (CFPF) was set up with an initial injection of $5 billion, that's how real this is to us.

Singapore is not the only country with the idea of building a seawall. Indonesia too. To save sinking Jakarta, there's an ongoing plan to build a gigantic seawall too! This idea was first proposed in 2010.

But many countries around the world were still hesitant about setting more robust climate goals.

My child was still very young then and it didn't take me too long to realise that this was going to affect her and her children.

So, What's Causing the Earth to Warm Up So Drastically?

The factors were and are many but I'll just summarize them into two:

The first cause is of course population growth.

It has been estimated that our world population reached one billion in 1804, that's approximately six millennia just to reach one billion.

But then, within a short 220 years, we've increased to 7.8 billion (2024) which is a 3-fold increase! It's crazy!

The second cause is irresponsible consumerism.

Technological advances have hugely lowered production costs and made goods so easily and cheaply available that buying new stuff becomes not just a norm, but a trend as well.

Merchants thus profit from the trend by making things less durable which inevitably caused an insurmountable amount of wasteful spending and the resulting harm witnessed every single day.

Gone are the days where furniture gets repaired and passed down to the next generation(s).

The Earth is humongous to us little humans, no doubt, but it is not inexhaustible.

7.8 billion people buying and throwing every passing second is not only unsustainable, we're depleting Earth's limited resources very quickly.

Nature is already suffering and we are daily witnesses of the greenhouse emission's destructive effects.

But that's not all, our children and their next generations will be the ultimate victims if we do not stop the momentum.

While the governments around the world were stuck in indecision, something must be done RIGHT AWAY!

peanut butter jar recylcing

(we started recycling glass jars instead of buying them)

At home, we started recycling all kinds of plastic bags (even bags for bread), carton boxes, glass jars, etc.

Instead of buying new stuff, we started repairing broken items.

We also started turning fruit wastes into homemade fertilizers and collect rain water for our plants.

But, What Else Could I Do for My Little Girl?

One thing led to another; I decided that I could also do something beyond my own home.

I started walking to the beach regularly to clean up trash along our shores so the sea creatures had a better day.

beach clean-up from 2021 to 2023

(beach clean-up from 2021 - 2023)

I went around the neighbourhood looking for discarded items I could save, items as small as a screw and as big as a wheelchair.

It was then that I discovered Carousell, a local online platform for selling used stuffs. It's similar to Craigslist, Gumtree, Locanto and other Classifieds Ads platforms that I've used before.

I started listing and selling underutilized stuff I had at home as well as discarded items that I saved.

To be honest, it was a very choppy journey before my sales started picking up and gain momentum.

That's good but I knew that doing it alone, I wasn't making any significant impact. I must get more people to do the same together.

I Needed An Army!!!

To make things worse, Singapore was facing another challenge: our nation's only landfill (Semakao island) was estimated to run out of space by 2025.

If that's not a pressing problem, what is?

I salute the many other people who were already doing what they could for the environment but we badly needed more hands!

Plus, from what I could see, most of the folks trying to sell used stuff online weren't doing too well.

Derrick wasn't the only one who've had difficulty selling used stuff online. Not at all.

There was Mary, an administrator, who tried so hard that she gave up Carousell altogether. "No one wants to buy them" she lamented.

There was Adrian, another retired professional, who also failed to do well on Carousell for at least three years. He has stopped trying.

OK Will, I get it. Teach me how to sell faster on Carousell NOW!

Get Instant Access Now...

All the above were committing the same five common mistakes when selling on Carousell.

No, it's not just pricing I'm talking about.

Over the years, I've seen the same five mistakes committed by tons of people on other platforms as well.

How can I help more people sell more used stuffs faster? The more the better!!! The faster the better!!!

Are You Thinking to Yourself...
"If Everyone Knows His Secrets,
Won't There Be Too Much Competition?"

That's also an easy question to answer.

Did you notice that the headline isn't Sell Faster Than Your Competitors?

NOOOO, it's not. It's just Sell Faster On Carousell!

Daily, lots of genuine buyers are looking for different items they need on Carousell. The variety of items is as varied as the number of people alive. There'll always be demand for your item(s).

If your item can be found and is what they are looking for, they'll buy. Full Stop.

The question is whether buyers can find what you list and whether your item fits their requirements.

For most day-to-day items, they'll get sold sooner or later as long as you do the five things mentioned in the guide.

For a small fee, you'll learn how to sell more and SELL FASTER on CAROUSELL or any other platform!

Get Instant Access Now...

This is what you're getting:

How Long Would It Take for
You to Learn It on Your Own?

What do you think? How much time and effort would take you to go through the learning curve and hopefully improve your sales?

My friends Derrick, Mary, Adrian and many others gave up after years of trying their luck. How long do you think it would take you?

The five things really aren't difficult but how did so many people miss them?

Seriously, unless you're already doing very well on Carousell, I urge you to take up this offer.

Why? Because it makes perfect sense to just leverage on someone who has already done it. That's what I wished I had done when I started.

PLUS, the Earth needs your help!
It really can't wait any longer.

In the end it comes down to a few important things you want to consider before you make your decision. Ask yourself:

Most importantly,

If your answer to the above is "yes!", join me, I'll teach you how to.

I really hope I've convinced you of the importance of doing this together and the reasons why this guide could be a solution the world needs today.

Don't Just Take My Word for It.
Take A Look at Some of The Proofs...

proof of sales

(sale of recycled items 2019 - 2023)

Now it's time to take a look at everything you're going to get when you act today...


The Five-Step Shortcut
To Faster Carousell Sales

my light-bulb moments

An Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Guide Specially Written for You.

It's All You Need to Make Faster Sales in 2024 And Beyond!!!

Here's what you're getting in the 60-page PDF guide:

Section 1

What Do You See in Yourself?

How we see ourselves and what we do affects how we perform. This will change your perspective and give you a good start.

Section 2

Did You Know

Many have perished for lack of knowledge. Unless we are informed, we too may be destroyed. This is a summary of the reason why it is important to act now.

Section 3

Why Carousell And Why It Matters

There're many platforms out there where stuff can be sold, why Carousell? What am I trying to achieve here? What can we achieve together?

Section 4

What (Not) To Sell

I get this quite often, "No one will buy this", but I'll give you one solid reason why many are wrong. You'll be surprised.

Section 5

The Other Best Place(s) To Find Your Items

The easiest place to start with is of course the home. But there are more! Best places may also be the most unlikely and often overlooked by many because they're too obvious.

Section 6

What You'll Need

You'll need a proper space of course. Tools of the trade. What are they? I list down what I am personally using and what I use them for.

Section 7

What You Can Do to Improve on Your Items

Many discarded things have defects but there are simple ways to save them. See some examples of what I've done.

Section 8

How To List to Sell Faster

There're five very common mistakes that many people commit, mostly unknowingly, others for not seeing their importance. You'll learn what they are and what you should do to sell faster, a lot faster.

Section 9

Not A Photographer, Engineer, Feature Writer or Copywriter?

Here's where you'll learn a hack that makes you look like a pro. I've not seen anyone do it yet.

Section 10

When To List for Best Results

How can you get maximum exposure on Carousell and increase your chances of getting a sale the moment you list? There's actually a clever way to do it. Most people just list the items but I'll teach you when and how to do it to sell faster. This tip alone is worth more than the price of this guide, many times over!

Section 11

The 1-2-3 to Success on Carousell

Need everything at one glance? This section condenses all the practical hacks, tips and tricks into three simple yet powerful points.

Section 12


All good things must come to an end but this is just the beginning of an exciting journey for you. As I conclude with my last words, I won't leave you without any surprises. In fact, the very last page (page 52) will leave you astounded and wondering why you haven't started earlier. You gotta get this guide to find out what exactly it is.

WAIT, One More Thing!!!

A Special Calculator

If you get this during the launch, I'll throw in a tool especially formulated to help you get to your goal. You just punch in the numbers and it'll do the rest for you.


You're on this page because you want to do very well on Carousell. How much are you willing to pay for information that will help you reach the objective of your efforts and time?

Let's first do the maths.

If you were to do this yourself, how many hours would you be spending before you start selling well?

Everyone's different. I've personally spent hundreds of hours learning and fine-tuning my strategy. Now, multiply the hours by your own rate (say, $10 per hour?).

Let's say you're really focused five days a week and only need two weeks to test and figure it all out, you're looking at a minimum cost of over $800!

And believe me, I am being quite fair when I say that.

But of course, you won't pay anything close to that.

In fact, for a limited time, I'm giving a discounted launch price if grab this now.

eBook cover

(updated for 2024)



That's all you need to pay. And, all you need to do is sell one used item on Carousell and you'll get it back. It's really a no-brainer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions that you would like answered here? Let me know and I'll add them. Thanks.

1. Why Am I Only Getting A 60-page eGuide?

Because I wanted the material to be very distilled and practical for the readers. The information is supposed to help readers sell faster and not earn a PHD in selling.

2. How Soon Can I See Results?

To be honest, there are changes that will yield you results almost immediately. There are some that won't. But as long as you apply what you learn, you will see improvements on the number of views, clicks and eventually offers.

3. Is This A "Set & Forget" System?

Definitely not at the moment. If there's such a system in the future, I'll definitely come up with another guide about it. This guide teaches you actionable steps that move you closer to your objective faster.

4. Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who wants to sell faster on Carousell irrespective of the reasons behind. If you're already doing very well on Carousell, this is definitely not for you.

5. Does This Work For Other Classifieds?

Definitely. I quote Carousell because that's the platform I use. However, the principles can be used regardless of platforms. Apply the five principles to your listing(s) and you'll see a surge in sales.

6. Are The Steps Easy To Follow?

The steps laid out in the PDF document are simple. They're not difficult. With practice, they get easier and easier too.

7. Will Anything Happen If I Skip This?

Nothing. That's right. Nothing will happen, life just continues. Inflation will just continue to erode your savings (eventually to nothing), natural resources will continue to drain uncontrollably as always and the future continues to grow dimmer by the day.

8. What If I Don't Make Faster Sales With This?

Although results usually differ according to the efforts put in, General MacArthur said: "There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity." So, forget about playing it safe. What have you got to lose? $20 for an opportunity to do well in life?

9. What's The Price Again?

For a limited time...

ONLY S$20.00